The presale storm is here!

I am happy to present that the presale is finally here. In this post we will talk about why it’s a good idea to join the presale, what are our plans for and after the presale and how to join the presale.

We have chosen to use Bounce.Finance for our presale as there was a vote conducted on Telegram and Bounce.Finance won by a great amount!


Presale Details

  • Price: 5000 $WATER / BNB
  • Maximum Allocation for Presale: 10 BNB per holder
  • Hard Cap: 100 BNB
  • Soft Cap: ~90 BNB
  • Platform: Bounce.Finance
  • Wallets Available: MetaMask, BinanceWallet, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger and Trezor
  • Presale Duration: 7 Days
  • Presale Funds Allocation: 85–90% used for providing Liquidity. 10–15% used for Marketing and Development only.

What are the benefits of participating in the presale?

You will benefit by joining the presale by:

  • Taking advantage of transaction fee farming early(especially as there are high transaction amounts during pre-sale and laumch)
  • Buying at the opportune price
  • Supporting your community and project

Why is the Presale important for the project?

Our presale is an important development for Water Finance. It allows us to gain funding for providing supply liquidity and marketing funds for audits, updates, and partnerships!

How do I participate in the presale?

When the presale is online you can follow these steps to hydrate yourself to your heart’s contempt:

  1. Install Metamask and add Binance Smart Chain. (Note: you can also use WalletConnect if you are using a wallet like TrustWallet but you will require a computer)
  2. Transfer BNB to your Smart Chain Metamask wallet.
  3. Using the Metamask Browser, go to the Water Finance Website and press on the “Join Presale” Button.
  4. Login with Metamask on the Bounce.Finance website.
  5. Select the amount of BNB you want to use to buy $WATER (Note: there is a 10% transaction fee, as usual)
  6. Once you have bought $WATER, sit back, relax, and watch your balance grow. When we launch the token on PancakeSwap, at the end of presale, you will then be able to buy and sell the token. For now, just acummulate! Join our community on Telegram and Twitter and participate in events!

What are the presale and launch plans?

These are the plans for our presale and launch:

  1. Presale is started using 50% of initial supply.
  2. 85–90% of the funds will be added as liquidity using another 40% of the supply at the same price as presale (5000 $WATER / BNB).
  3. 50% of the liquidity will be burned.
  4. 10–15% of the Funds will be put in a stablecoin staking platform for daily yield, to be used for Buybacks, Adverts, Payments, Partnerships, Development and more. (STRICT USE)
  5. 5% of the initial supply will be kept for marketing.
  6. 5% of the initial supply will be kept for Developer Personal Fund

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