Hello everyone. It has been over a week since we have launched. We had a crazy time springing to 4$ and dropping to $0.40, but we are holding strong! In this medium post, we will be talking about the future of WaterDeFi and answering some questions.

We will also be…

First of all, thank you to everyone who has participated in the presale. It means a lot to us and the whole WaterDefi community! We managed to reach our Presale Hard Cap 16 hours before the end! I have to say, it was a rough few days. 😃

Now, the…

I am happy to present that the presale is finally here. In this post we will talk about why it’s a good idea to join the presale, what are our plans for and after the presale and how to join the presale.

We have chosen to use Bounce.Finance for our…

Welcome to Water Finance. A lot of thought has been put into making a passive yield token with real value that you can hold!

What is Water Finance?

The WATER token is a frictionless, deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). There is no need to stake your tokens…


The ultimate reflective/deflationary BSC protocol token.

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